Barcelona changes the path of MotoGP in the face 2017


The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has published changes in its
path of MotoGP
ahead of next season, a move expected after the
traffic death of the Spanish rider Luis Salom. These modifications are
focusing on the last sector, which as you’ll see, the curves 13, 14 and 15 will be
modified to reduce the speed in this section. The result is a
track 4.652 meters in length
and which is coincident with the path used by
the Formula 1 except in the last sector, where he advances the position of the
chicane to improve the access to the pit lane.

The final objective of these amendments is to to generate two areas slower and with loopholes larger in the last sector of the track, just at the point where he was Luis Salom his fatal accident. Until that section of the layout used by MotoGP and Formula 1 is the same, that riders of the Motorcycling World championship will take to the curve of ‘La Caixa’ inside and not the outside as until now. This fact causes that the first area of modifications to the curve 13, as the path wins a curve with respect to its previous specification.

In this curve 13 has created a tighter angle that breaks with the curve of larger radius used by the MotoGP riders, which causes the path to lose around 75 metres in relation to the previous specification used in the World of Motorcycling. With the same drawing for MotoGP and Formula 1, the only variation for the two category is the position of the chicane formed by the curves 14 and 15, located a few meters before in the specification of MotoGP. This small variation means that the track MotoGP is three meters shorter than that of Formula 1, path that keeps the 4.655 metres.