Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017: An Aston DB4 1964 outshines the guest stars


Chevrolet CERV I, sold for 1.3 million.

The macro event of Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale ended on Sunday, January 22, with the expected success of participation and economic outcomes. The vast majority of lots found new buyer, even to beat some world records under, being the lots previously featured the protagonists of the days of auction.

In total went on sale several hundreds of vehicles, in addition to the usual items of memorabilia, and on the podium gathered a few celebrities, as support to the sale of their vehicles.

One of the most prominent was the singer Justin Bieber, put up for sale by his famous Ferrari 458 Italia tuned by West Coast Customs. The modified Ferrari de color celeste achieved a price of 434.500 dollars, which represents the current record for the model.


Pontiac Firebird rack number 001.

Also took the stand himself Burt Reynolds, which went on sale a Pontiac Firebird Custom Coupe 1978, this reached $ 275,000, a record for the model. Even more rare were the specimens which made up the couple first made copies of the Firebird, sold as a single lot with no reserve, and that reached the 258.500 $ . Quite a low price for two historical pieces such as these.

The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Steve Tyler, soloist of Aerosmith, also could be sold. Came without a reservation and reached the $ 800,000, that amount will go entirely to a charitable cause, Janie’ s Fund, a charity established by the artist in collaboration with the association of Youth Villages. This was the first of the only 6 Venom Spyder built and it is precisely the few hours of the auction’s sports Tyler, Hennessey announced the end of production of the model, publishing the images of the Venom Final Edition, whose price was 1.2 million dollars.

we could Also find a spectacular Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport white color belonging to the boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., however, this failed to reach its reserve price and remained without a purchaser.


The Bugatti Veyron white Mayweather, not sold.

on the other hand, the pilot of the NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. came to Barrett-Jackson to encourage the sales of two vehicles that had, both for the same reasons that the lead singer of Aerosmith, although in this case the benefit of the association Nationwide Childrens Hospital. On the one hand we had a Chevrolet Chevelle modified which was donated by the Chevrolet and whose design was assisted by the pilot, and on the other the Chevy SS with which Earnhardt won up to 6 races between 2014 and 2015.

yet to receive full details of the results, the models that received bids higher were an Aston Martin DB5 of 1964, and the sole prototype Chevrolet CERV I. Both with a maximum bid above a million dollars.

The Chevrolet CERV I is a model of which we have already spoken extensively, was a prototype created by the development team of Chevrolet as a test bench for rolling stock, for which the engineers of the brand would have a range of conditions that are more realistic and edge on which to test the mechanical components. This model is unique and is part of the history of the brand, was donated by Chevy to the Museum Briggs Cunningham, but after the closing of this went to private hands. This week changed hands for 1.3 million dollars.


The Aston DB5 of 1964, the king of the auction with its 1.48 million.

The model that reached the highest value was the Aston DB5 1964, a copy flawless without restoring, that it achieved a great price of 1.485.000 dollars.

The fiasco of the auction went to the Ferrari Testarossa white former Miami Vice. This copy is that belonged to Peter Lima and appeared in the media for the first time at the end of 2014, when it went on sale on eBay.

not reach the asking price of 1.75 million dollars appeared again at auction from Mecum, where the highest bid was 475,000 dollars and therefore did not reach its reserve price.


The Testarossa white Peter Lima, in the end sold, but by much less than expected.

Finally, I came to Barrett-Jackson with the sign “no reserve” and could be sold for only 151.800 dollars. A great price for a Testarossa in your state but less than a third of what they were able to take in the auction above.