Batman in a Lamborghini Aventador by driver of Uber

Lamborghini Aventador Batman UberUber not ceased to gain strength in the last few months, becoming a transportation system common in some countries. Last year the Swedish skier, Jon Olsson, combining with the platform and together they made a video in which he carried some passengers aboard his brand new Audi RS6 DTM. In this real case, we will pass to a joke that deals with this same subject matter and that you have to Batman as the protagonist.

Although of course it is something fictitious, a well-known youtuber has been the one who has decided to dress up as the superhero of Gotham and take advantage of your new identity from Uber. In the application responds to the name of Ming, and supposedly leads a Toyota Prius C. The surprise of the passengers is capitalized when it happens to find Batman behind the wheel of a striking Lamborghini Aventador of black color.


we must recognize that the forms of sports and their colors you’re stuck pretty the character. The victims of the joke can’t give credit to listen to the sound that comes out of the large exhaust central. Nothing to do with the silence of the hybrid system of the Prius C they were waiting for. But under the hood the Aventador is a gasoline engine V12 naturally aspirated 6.5-liter.

The joke runs on the open road, and the driver gives only ‘a couple of sudden acceleration’ to show the potential of the vehicle that carries it. 700 HP and 690 Nm torque pushing so cute, that it could lead to the Aventador 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds and continue until you reach 350 km/h. As we said, this is not a test of performance and the fun is what you premium. So much so, that passengers leave with a smile from ear to ear and do not hesitate to have a selfie with Batman.

Source – AutoEvolution

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