Battle atmospheric to over 10,000 rpm: vibrates with one of the best videos of Best Motoring

Best Motoring is the leading program in the panorama japanese engine. Although we do not understand a word of what they say, their battles in circuit have made us vibrate in our seats for decades. The collection of statistics of every car – Gran Turismo – helps us to understand minimally what is happening on the track. We rescued today from the trunk of the memories of a battle of cars of japanese origin, with preparations of the most severe. All are atmospheric, and not one, not two, are able to exceed the 10,000 rpm.

Fans of the car japanese is a high-performance, open well your eyes and destaponad your ears.

The format is the typical battle for several laps on a twisty circuit, if it doesn’t fail me in the eyes, is one of the multiple configurations of the circuit Ebisu. The contenders are laden with steroids, leaving in ridiculous versions of street on which they are based. The first contender is a Honda City prepared by G-force, whose engine of 1.3 liters develops 160 HP without the help of turbos. Account with a limited-slip front, and has been completely gutted: only weighs 630 kg. Spectacular.

na-crxThe second competitor is a Honda CRX first generation prepared by SS Works. An ideal platform for preparations, that this trainer has become a missile worthy of the DTM. Your engine B16B has been pushed to the 1.8-liter engine, developing a whopping 240 HP. Weight is 720 pounds what makes the difference: it still retains the record for front wheel drive vehicles and the engine’s maximum torque at Tsukuba. To his side, Honda S2000 Spoon almost not impressed, despite the fact that his F20C 2.0-liter has been brought up to 260 HP.

With 1.040 kilos of weight, should be entrusted to your pilot in order to be competitive with regard to their lightweight competitors. The Toyota Altezza Red Line is known as Lexus IS200 around these parts, and is distinguished by a peculiar six-cylinder in-line two-liter, the preparer has been responsible for up to 250 HP, using the entire catalog of parts from TRD. Weighs 1.070 kg, which is remarkable for its size. The Honda Civic EK9 Jun Auto will then, footwear with a fearsome B16 led up to 2.1 litres and 246 HP.

With wider front tires than the rear and only 950 kilos of weight, is positioned on the paper as a rival very seriously. Until we got to the bestial Honda NSX Esprit. A preparation of height, whose specific power of little more than 100 HP/liter seems to be insignificant in comparison to the figures of its rivals. Your V6 of 3.2 liters develops 340 HP, but is the king of the torque – maybe that’s why it is allowed a weight of 1,270 kilos with an interior nearly a series. Who will be the winner of this battle?

you have to see the video.