Battle electrifying! 500 km of electric range for the anti-Tesla Audi


Audi has officially confirmed it is developing a SUV 100 % electric. All information and

The focus of this Audi Q6 will be the driving pleasure. It will be a real premium.

These batteries will not be produced by Audi . In fact no battery of an electric car is produced by the car manufacturer alone, cooperation agreements are needed with companies with great expertise in the production of batteries. For the Audi Q6, has reached a According to the companies LG Chem and Samsung SDI – both located in South Korea – for the production battery rack – a battery composed of a large number of individual cells – that will move this SUV power


audi-q6-boceto-1 The intrinsic to the production of this battery are few challenges. Should be a battery that barely degrade over time , which maintains its performance in all climatic conditions – usually cooled liquid to cope with high temperatures – and offers a high level of performance. These batteries will be integrated into the structure of the car, presumably the platform MLB which has already released the Audi Q7.

To facilitate production of SUV will be manufactured by European arms of these Korean companies . The Tesla Model X will have a similar autonomy, but will be released next year, anticipating two years Audi Q6. Will have to see if other manufacturers join the fight in search of SUV power of the future.

tesla-model-x-2-1440px Source: Audi
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