Battle of tenors V12 roar heard a Ferrari FXX a K-FXX and 599XX (video)

Hopefully you’ve woken up wanting to face another day. The morning is always difficult, but with the help of these Three Tenors with twelve-cylinder engines wake up very quickly. Videos that you have after the jump could be classified as a historical document: When can I see we can return to roar at the same time la creme de la creme Maranello? We speak of a sound battle between the elite Ferrari FXX , the Ferrari and the Ferrari 599XX FXX -K . Aguantad breathing, I know it’s complicated.

Three of the best racing-Ferrari client, video together.

The three beasts lie in Maranello Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​, preparing for ascending the grounds of Lord March. While clearing their voices, a swirling crowd of onlookers to hear the roar of their content V12 . On the one hand, we have to Ferrari 599XX – based on the Ferrari 599 – whose V12 6.0L was specially prepared to develop 730 hp. On the other hand, Ferrari FXX , one of the most desired career-client, based on the almighty Enzo.

The V12 6.3-liter power reached a tremendous 800 hp in its original version. But the throne of power is for Ferrari FXX -K , we heard roaring live in one of his first public appearances. This hybrid high-flying is one of the most technological machines ever created by Ferrari and has a total capacity of 1,050 hp thanks to its HY-KERS especially tuned. The best part of the video is when accelerating one after another. In my opinion, the FXX cat to water carries sound.

What is your favorite race-client?

Source: Carscoops
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