BBR power to the Mazda MX-5 up to 192 HP


The Mazda MX-5 reaches the 192 HP thanks to BBR

The Mazda MX-5 is one of those vehicles that you will never lack of anything. The best selling roadster in the world is a diamond in the rough that for an affordable price it offers fun and performance without a great show of power thanks to its reduced weight. But… what if we want more of our brand new sports? BBR proposes to amend it without afraid to be wrong.

Your MX-5 ND will win power only by modifying the ECU

trainer English BBR offers simple alterations of the MX-5 ND for both engines SKYACTIG-G Mazda, both 1.5 litres and 2.0 litres, with the guarantee that if you do not finish convincing you can always return it to its factory state quickly and easily.

About the Mazda MX-5 1.5 and 2.0 SKYACTIV-G we have the preparations BBR Super 160 and BBR Super 175+ respectively. In both cases, the coach only updated the ECU to modify the parameters of the engine and thus offer a greater amount of power.


BBR proposes simple modifications to the entire range of the roadster japanese

The kit BBR Super 160 is applied on the block for a maximum power of 1.5 liters with which to win a 20 HP and 19 Nm of torque, while the BBR Super 175+ does the same thing with the bigger engine but which can only take 17 HP and 13 Nm extra.

With an update more profound, BBR power to the Miata up to 192 HP

The price of the updates of the ECU is from just 495 pounds, a few 700 euros to change, plus taxes and includes pass before and after by the bank of power in the premises of BBR to see for yourself the improvements of the vehicle.

on the other hand, and taking into account that the improvements are weak in 2.0, BBR proposes other changes are more profound to raise the power of the MX-5 to the 192 HP, or what is the same: you win 30 HP and 32 Nm. In addition to raw power, he stresses that now the maximum torque now encrypted in 232 Nm, is available from 3.550 rpm, 1000 rpm earlier than in the version of stock.


You’ll be able to check as your MX-5 improves the power in the bank of the preparer

Kit BBR Super 190 modify the ECU, and adds a new shot of cold air and a new line of larger-diameter exhaust (2.5-inch) composite by manifold, centre section and silencers manufactured in aluminum.In this case the alterations are not so easily reversible.

The price of this last kit rises up to the 1.995 pounds, on the 2,800 euros, more taxes, including also the above-mentioned tests in the bank.

BBR is not here because it offers for the MX-5, fourth-generation other accessories as suspensions high-performance, new pads brake more powerful, and a great assortment of rims and tires.