Be sure to reinforce your transmission if you will increase the power of your car

The picture that opens this article corresponds to a Dodge Challenger – or Plymouth Barracuda is not clear – highly modified for drag racing, duels acceleration very popular in America. You see the gap that has opened in his right door? No, no one has given a blow. A piece of his gearbox could not withstand the power of the engine and said simply, through the gearbox itself the floor of the car and the door . Fortunately he came out on the side of the car was empty, without impacting anyone.

Accidents can happen, and in this case, the only regret is material damage.

Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Apparently, the owner of the Challenger would have undergone major mechanical modifications without applying appropriate reinforcements to the gearbox. If your engine has 1,000 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque – figure nothing strange in supercharged cars dedicated to drag racing – you should take a gearbox only prepared to bear half of these figures [. 1999008]

If you are ready for it recalls tremendous mechanical stress to which it is subjected at each exit. Therefore it is advisable to add additional steel plates “shield” for gearboxes. It is a common modification in this type of vehicle, to prevent disasters like these images. I think someone will have removed the desire to compete for a while in drag racing.

Source: Just a Car Guy
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