Beaumesnil: “There are four projects of LMP1 private”


The delay in the decision of the new technical regulations of the LMP1 private has had as great a result the output of Rebellion Racing in the category. Doubts about the performance of the new prototypes and the threat more real for the LMP2 new generation have been reasons enough for the team anglo-swiss at the time of desist in their efforts with the LMP1-L. Of face-to-2017 it is very likely that the only LMP1 non-hybrid is the CLM P1/01 – AER ByKolles, something that is of concern to Vincent Beaumesnil, Technical Director of the ACO.

“it Is an important gap” explained Beaumesnil. is Not a good advertisement for a class in which there is the possibility of the development having a car. The category of LMP1 private deserves better, since it allows to the manufacturers, who are not named in LMP2 to compete in the premier class with a cost under control, while the LMP1 private current could suffer with the new LMP2 in 2017″. All in all, the Technical Director of the ACO confiensa: The rules came quite late. Everything must be done in a coordinated and concerted, and therefore I think that things are moving in the right direction“.


While Rebellion Racing will compete in LMP2 waiting for the final legislation of the LMP1-L, with options to return to the category in which it has been protagonist in the last few years, Beaumesnil is shown hopeful with the rebound that will suffer the category of LMP1 private when everything is formalized: Know what is the solution and I hope that we have at least four cars in the year 2018. It’s a risk to have only one car in 2017, but we need guarantees for the future. Sabemos that there are four projects of LMP1 private in the bedroom“.

The key to Vincent Beaumesnil is the scale of performance that is going to draw from the season 2018. With the LMP1 hybrids being ‘penalized’ in aerodynamics and weight, the LMP1-L will be closer to the prototypes from the manufacturers, while the LMP1 private with the new technical regulations-and perhaps with the DRS – be one step ahead of the LMP2 new generation. In this aspect, the great attraction of the LMP1 private Beaumesnil is that they allow a technical development that the LMP2 with approval closed not have and more if we include other motorists to the margin of the AER.