“Because we love how is” the last campaign of IFA Group


Customers are the stars of the latest advertising campaign IFA Group like to celebrate their 45th Anniversary decided to pay tribute all consumers have trusted them constantly. Title “because we love how is” A few months ago launched an initiative that has made many customers requesting tribute to a special person their lives.

This is the case with the mother Fernando Onrubia , who contacted the IFA Group to provide an unforgettable surprise to most attentive and quick to help the child when her family when you need. We invite you to enjoy the wonderful experience that Fernando lived in the video below:

In addition to conveying a positive message, all customers have been able to achieve significant Awards as 300 Kitchen Robots 130,000 direct Honors and spectacular Mediterranean cruise.

From website created for the campaign , we can enjoy other suggestions. We all have someone around us that always helps us, either through their actions or good words, who cares, who loves us or simply make us better. In any case, admirable people who deserve our recognition. That is what this campaign has sought IFA Group, honoring these unique and special.

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