Become the rumors, will there be or not a new McLaren F1?

McLaren F1When we had ruled out the possibility of re-birth of the McLaren F1, a report with a source very close to the mark says yes, that there will be a new McLaren F1. Apparently, one of the best customers of the company would have received a letter detailing the new project of the English firm, describing the way certain sections such as the design or the mechanical.

This report puts even name the new model, a car that responds to the designation of Hyper-GT. In the same way, the own Carbuzz who reveal this information based on the words of the anonymous client, ensure that this sport will move with a hybrid system. A few facts that belie then reports that pointed to ride a V8 engine of 3.8 liters.

McLaren P1 LMFor its part, the body of the model will feature plenty of carbon fiber, which will reduce the overall weight of the sports English. In your car will be able to travel up to three occupant and the access will be completed through a few doors with opening in the form of gull wings. Also there is talk of a estimated date 2019, the year in which we would see this model. In addition it puts a number to his production, about 106 units.

As you can see rumors about this model have not ended. When I was totally out of the sports English re-emerge. Although, this last report would be based on a most reliable source, though as the previous until it is a reality we can not say anything.

Source – Carbuzz