Becomes the free spirit with the Citroën E-Mehari: electric, affordable, and very fun

Citroën had promised us rescue the spirit of the Citroën Mehari, and we thought the Citroën Cactus M Concept would be the closest thing that we would offer. The Mehari was a car of legendary, a car designed for summer and adventure, based on the simple and endearing 2CV. The new E-Mehari it is also a convertible, has a body of plastic and is reborn with a drive train 100% electric. Citroën has worked with the Group Bolloré for its development, and will be released to the market in just a few months.

Is a car based on the Blue Summer, an electric Bolloré based in the Blue Car, the main part of its range.

The new Citroën E-Mehari is a small car, a subcompact. Has a length of only 3,81 m, and is configured only with bodywork convertible four-seater. Still, it has a width of 1.87 meters and a height of 1.65 meters. Your design can only be defined as casual: your front inherits the traits pioneered by the Citroën Cactus and is similar to that which we find in the Cactus M. To be based in the Blue Summer of Bolloré – although it will be produced by PSA – saves many elements in common with this.

For example, its body panels made of plastic, her arches roll or the shape of your door. Taking into account that the Blue Summer was designed with the Mehari’s original in mind, I don’t see any problem in adding a design more Citroën and sell it as the true successor of the one nice convertible. Many plastics dark adorn your body, your wheel arches, or their optics, and in a car designed for the sun and the beach, I do not see any problem in it. It is not a luxury, nor is it intended to be refined.

The covering is completely waterproof, and is made of a tissue of origin plastic very robust.

The customization will be a gun very important of the new E-Mehari, with several eye-catching colors for bodywork, roof and interior. Its red upholstery with detail flower is the most attractive of the range, with a difference. Their seats are waterproof, and even it is possible to wash the interior with a simple hose due to a number of water drain holes are situated on the ground. Your soft top is manual, and can cover the whole car or just the rear. It also has windows optional, for those rainy days.

like the Mehari released in 1968, your row of seats at the back is a bank, which can be folded completely to form a mini pick-up. And also may circulate in challenging terrain, thanks to a chassis with a height to the ground considerable. Is a car 100% electric, with a battery LMP – lithium polymer battery – 30 kWh of capacity. A battery connected to an electric motor with 68 HP of maximum power. Rated power usable is 48 CV. Enough to achieve a maximum speed of 110 km/h on the road.

The battery charges in about 13 hours using a plug conventional 10A, although it will be compatible with systems of fast charging. Has 200 km of autonomy in urban cycle and 110 km of autonomy in cycle extra-urban, where the electric motor is much more revolutionized. It will be sold in France in the spring of 2016, and is expected to reach the rest of Europe. I have a feeling we will be a hit in beach areas and a hit on the car rental companies. The Mehari has returned to stay!

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