Before fine, the General Directorate of Traffic will leave in evidence

Dirección General de Tráfico control de velocidad General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) takes years and years of trying to fight the scourge represented by the traffic accidents. After years of downs the trend has been reversed, as this year we are registering a higher number of fatal victims that we carried last year by these dates. This situation may be due to the exhaustion of the policy that has established the organ-dependent Ministry of Interior.

First we start with the carnet by points. Then, the proliferation of radars (both fixed and mobile) like mushrooms on our roads. As fixed and mobile cameras is not worth, is pulled out of the hat camera bracket, in order to verify that our speed in a space of the road is stable, for that slowdown to the radar. And finally, to all this we must add Pegasus, the most modern and best kids who has the General Direction of Traffic in order to make us comply with the rules.

Dirección General de Tráfico panel informativoThe last proposal, in order to avoid claims for excess of speed, of the General Directorate of Traffic is as follows: report in real time to drivers who exceed the speed limit of the road. This action seeks deter the drivers for not exceeding the speed permitted in the pathway. To do this, the radar will read the license plates of cars and displayed in the upper panels the license plates of vehicles offenders, warning drivers that they will decrease your speed for your safety and the safety of all.

This measure is being tested in Seville, specifically in A-49. The stretch in the exact that is being applied is located between kilometre points 4,200 and 2,700 of the A-49. The General Directorate of Traffic has announced that this measure is still in a pilot phase, but even so, it looks like that will extend for the rest of the Spanish geography, affecting both large towns such as pathways of high-density.

Hopefully with this new measure, the General Directorate of Traffic to improve the accident rate on our roads and focus on what really matters, saving lives.

Source – Directorate General of Traffic