Before putting a tire of imitation to your car you should see this video

Mercedes Australia have decided to release a video warning of the dangers of the tires of poor quality. However, they’ve disguised it as an attack to the rims of imitation. The premium as BMW, Mercedes or Audi constantly suffer the harassment of the tire false: a lot of manufacturers of asian produced tires identical to those of models AMG or Motorsport, but at a level much lower quality. To demonstrate this, have made the test of “bordillazo”, to see how the support wheels false.

it Is painful to see the suspension of the AMG suffer slow, while a chunk of tire flying off.

Obviously do not support it well – is what the video wants to try – but I would extend this video to all the wheels of low quality. In the video what they do is go with a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake (which has 19-inch alloy wheels in this case) by a pothole fake about 50 km/h. Mimic a mine that anyone can be found in your city, and that is the norm in places like the united States, believe me. The video is painful slow motion, the suspension does stop and all the weight of the car rests on the wheel and tyre.

The result is that of the tire’s false it follows a piece, flying several feet away from the car. A piece of metal visibly bent that could do a lot of damage to someone if you were close to, in addition to being a danger to the safety of the occupants of the car. In the case of the rim original not seen any damage, although with an impact of this caliber might have ended up bent. The moral of the story is that we avoid the potholes and in addition do not buy tires of poor quality.

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