Before the veto Ferrari, possible to separate motor in 2017


negotiations to establish a maximum price for
unit of power have not yielded
. The goal of the FIA was to limit the
costs of the computers by imposing a schedule of prices for the
power units. The idea was to have a fixed price of 12 million dollars for
the thrusters of the current specification and eight million units of
power old. Although the majority of the teams adopted this measure,
Ferrari exercised his right to veto and halted any agreement
It is worth remembering that Ferrari has the right to veto any vote by the
agreements that govern F1.

Before this perspective and the lack of agreement in the last
meeting held by the Strategy Group, the FIA has put hands to the work. Although the
agency has taken the decision not to challenge legally the decision of Ferrari with
its right to veto, the response was not slow in coming in the form of a statement,
that in addition to leaving in the wrong place at the Italian firm. The FIA will propose the use of a separate motor from 2017
to achieve the reduction of costs are desired also by the FOM, as
you will have to be debated by all actors involved.

The independent motor should have a construction and
technology more simple
that allows to limit its costs, compensating for the
performance at the regulatory level. The FIA with the support of the FOM understands that
the escalation of prices in the units of power is inadmissible. Currently
the client computers get paid to manufacturers at around 20 million euros
per season for the supply of the power units. By doing this and if all
the parties agree in the consultation, the FIA will launch a process of
bidding for these independent motors
. Times are ahead scrambled in
the F1.