Begins production of Mazda CX-9 in Japan

Mazda CX-9 producciónat The end of last year was presented at the Salon Los Angeles Mazda CX-9, the large SUV of the mark which would have as main goal the U.s. market. This week began its production in and out the first units of the plant Ujina No. 1 in Hiroshima (Japan). This new generation came completely renewed and using the new design language of the brand.

design Kodo that we have already seen in other models such as the Mazda MX-5, served this SUV of large dimensions to have a more attractive appearance and a few lines more fluid. It also serves to camouflage a bit 5,06 meters, dimensions are reduced slightly, but at the same time gains in livability thanks to the increase in the distance between axes.

Mazda CX-9, el SUV más grande de Mazda se renueva, pero no para EuropaAnother key to the CX-9 was the weight reduction, standing at about 130 kg, which help to a better response and handling. Thank you for your engine, another great news. This is the 2.5 turbo four-cylinder with technology Skyactiv, which comes to replace the V6 3.7-liter that rode the previous generation. In terms of power reaches 250-hp and 420 Nm with gasoline of 93 octane and stays at 227 HP repostando gasoline “normal”.

The japanese manufacturer has wanted to give the large SUV a premium interior that stands out for the system Mazda Connect linked to a touch screen of 7 or 8 inches. A pity that is not going to reach Europe, despite having sold the previous generation in a limited way in our country. The annual production of the Mazda CX-9 will be some 50,000 units, of which 80% will be heading towards North America. The sales will start there in the spring of 2016.

Source – Mazda