Behind the scenes of the filming of Fast and Furious 8 in Cuba


Since the united States withdraw the embargo Cuba began to improve the relations between the two nations (such as the Obama visit), some have rushed to organize the work in the caribbean island; this is the case of the production company Universal has gotten the green light to roll All Gas 8.

With the title of the second film shot and first feature film world filmed in which Havana will appear on the big screens, the team is thrilled with the host of the party starring Vin Diesel and company, and we can see a little “Behind the scenes” that we have prepared.

let us Remember that in spite of the trade embargo of the united States, Cuba has a close relationship with the world of the automobile, a well that, frozen in time has become precious and expensive with the passage of the years due to shortage of spares which has forced sharpen the ingenuity of their owners.

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Although for the moment we know very few details about the eighth film of the saga, the first in which Paul Walker will no longer appear (except for the spin-off that assumes the third installment) and that it will hit the cinema screens Spanish April 14, 2017 set, according to your first poster in New York and with the ninth and tenth deliveries scheduled for April 2019 and 2021 respectively.