Bel & Bel make CHEVY’s and classic Vespas in vintage furniture for your home

Bel & Bel is a Barcelona company, manufacturer of furniture. The connection with the world of the engine is the source of such furniture. from cars and motorcycles to be scrapped, manufactured furniture for home – as well as a kind of mix between a Segway and a Vespa, but that is another story. They have several designs of furniture, but one of the most eye-catching is the Sofa 600. Its name is self-explanatory and the image says it all: starting from the front of a SEAT 600, have created a comfortable sofa two-seater aires totally retro.

This company creates a piece of furniture very original from bits of cars and motorcycles of scrapping.

This sofa is a piece created by custom, and by a connection to the electrical grid, illuminate their headlights. In its back part has a small trunk where it is possible to mount a mini bar or a sound system. The possibilities are enormous, and although his price has probably been high – has demanded to recover the front of a SEAT 600 scrapped – it is a piece of furniture almost as a collector. A version of this sofa is called Sofa 600 Low Rider: it is a version car that has retained so much behind as the rear axle of the 600.

bel-bel-muebles-retro-6 why low-rider? By its low height to the ground. This is the most accurate with the real car, as it retains its original width. This manufacturer of handcrafted furniture does not stop there: they have created bar stools with the original seat of a Vespa, and with its wheels 8-inch – white-walls included – as support for the feet. Without leaving the world of the Vespa, the seat Spider Panel fits between two side panels from a Vespa two comfortable seats lined in red fabric. It seems to Me one of the furniture more elegant.

Works of apparent great quality, with prices to check. Your character craftsman is to be paid, I’m sure of it.

But the jewel in the crown is the UFO Coupe 1500. A name peculiar to a bar cabinet of aesthetic retrofuturista, inspired practically the Jetsons – The Jetsons to this side of the pond. Starting from the front and the rear of a SEAT 1500, and preserving both the optical original such as tuition, this piece of furniture 110 cm of depth hidden inside a fridge. Accessible through two bubbles, light RGB programmable, and sos beacons will also be lit once connected to the stream.


Source: Bel&Bel
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