Believe it or not, this is the electrical wiring of the Bentley Bentayga

A modern car could not be understood without a complex electrical installation. A wiring which not only allows you to raise and lower the windows by pressing a button, but also connects to a whole series of electric components of individual in a vast internal network, being displayed without the body, would look very similar to the Bentley Bentayga that you see in these images. So is the complex electrical network of the Bentley Bentayga, and the heart of all these systems that make our lives easier and, above all, comfortable, which is essential in a Bentley.

50 kilograms: the weight of the wiring of a Bentley Bentayga.

Thanks to this installation, the Bentley Bentayga may have the benefit of four radars, twelve ultrasonic sensors, six cameras, suspensions adaptive fueled by a circuit of 48 volts, a naevera for the champagne, a sound system with 18 speakers, and seats with heating, cooling and massage function.

According to the american magazine Car & Driver the wiring of the Bentley Bentayga weighs 50 kilograms. Some figures are incredible, if we take into account that the electrical circuit of a muscle-car before barely weighed 5 kilograms.


And that is not all. One of the responsible for the production of the Bentley Bentayga recognized that the wiring of this vehicle is so bulky that it occupied a full pallet of the size of the Bentayga, so that its appearance would be very different to that we had been able to imagine, a bunch of cables.

In each Bentley Bentayga, there are 100 million lines of code, which make up the software of this great luxury SUV, and they define the operation of all your electrical components. The Bentley Bentayga has a total of 90 control modules connected in a network monitored by the computer of the ecu.

finally, and to complicate even more its production, each Bentley Bentayga account with a facility of its own and different from other Bentayga, which has been designed on the basis of the systems that the customer has equipped on his car.

isn’t it awesome?