Bell and Parente win with the McLaren 650S at the Nürburgring


Had under the arm the victory achieved a week ago
in the 1000 kilometres of the Paul Ricard and it was time to get the first
triumph in the Sprint Cup the Blancpain GT Series. Said and done.
Rob Bell and
Alvaro Parente has taken the victory at the Nürburgring with the McLaren 650S GT3
#58 Garage 59
in a race they have dominated from beginning to end. Podium for the Audi R8 LMS #28, and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #86 in an appointment in which Andy Soucek has been out of the game after suffering a tap on the output.

Rob Bell was the most ready in the output thrown and placed
in head
of the test with the McLaren 650S GT3 #58, the whole time I’ve got
beat Enzo Ide. Behind the poleman were the Audi #28 and #4
Will Stevens and Nico Müller, while the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #86 is placed
fifth, all time
Andy Soucek was suffering a touch with its Bentley Continental GT3
#8 that made him fall to the last position
. Also lost all
their options in the output of the two Audi R8 LMS of the ISR and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 of
Jazeman Jaafar.

After a short truce, Will Stevens managed to overtake
Enzo Ide at the second position
in a battle in which soon involved
Nico Müller, all with the Audi R8 LMS of Team WRT, even though in the end
the big
victim was Müller, losing the fourth position with Jules
. Also the Ferrari 488 GT3 #333 driven by Norbert Siedler is
placed above the BMW M6 GT3 of Alexander Sims, in a fight for the sixth
and seventh position
that soon came Dominik Baumann, the Mercedes-AMG
GT3 #84
after winning two positions in the first few turns.


Jules Szymkowiak also managed to overtake the Audi R8 LMS
#33 of Enzo Ide
, sneaking after a great maneuver in podium positions. With
the pilots of the Team WRT rolling pretty slow when you get to the equator of the
Ferrari Rinaldi driven by Norbert Siedler was placed fourth
after overtaking the two Audi R8 LMS of Ide and Müller. The Italian rider
rush your choices in the first curve before the bus stops to the pits, in a
scenario that used Dominik Baumann to climb to the seventh position,
, leaving behind two BMW M6 GT3 of Rowe Racing.

After passing through the pits for the driver change and tires, the top positions suffered some changes. Well it is true that the positions on the podium remained unchanged, with Alvaro Parente, with the McLaren #59 to the front ahead of the Audi R8 LMS #28, René Rast and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #86 of Bernd Schneider, but behind the strategy is noted. Christopher Mies, with the Audi #33 regained fourth position to the detriment of the Ferrari #333 driven by Marco Seefried. In a similar move, Maximilian Buhk, Laurens Vanthoor came out of the pits ahead of the BMW of Rowe Racing.

20 minutes from the end of the hostilities, they returned to
although Maximilian Buhk couldn’t overtake the Ferrari #333
although a try by active and passive, which in the end deflected the focus
of attention to the two leaders head. Although René Rast with the Audi #28
showed more quickly than the leader of the race and trimmed time the McLaren 650S #58,
the big concern for Alvaro Parente and team Garage 59 was in the
‘dispatches’, the whole time
opened an investigation against the McLaren 650S #58
to study at the end of the race for a possible illegal departure


With the end result in question, the race ended
no major incidents
with the victory of the McLaren 650S GT3 #58 Rob Bell and
Alvaro Parente
. René Rast took the Audi R8 LMS #28 to the second position,
the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #86 of Jules Szymkowiak and Bernd Schneider was
in charge of closing the podium
. After starting from the first square and demonstrate
a certain lack of pace, the Audi #33 of Ide and Mies was commissioned to occupy the
fourth position ahead of the Ferrari #333 Rinaldi and
the Mercedes-AMG GT3
#84 Baumann and Buhk

The great comeback of the race featuring the Audi R8
LMS #1 from Frédéric Vervisch and Laurens Vanthoor
after reaching the seventh
position after starting in 24th place. In fact, the couple of the Team WRT
managed to overtake the two cars of Rowe Racing as the BMW M6 GT3’s
German team occupied the eighth and ninth position,
, while the top ten what
I closed the Mercedes-AMG #88 team AKKA ASP
, piloted by Tristan Vautier and
by Felix Rosenqvist, winner of the European Formula 3.

Classification Blancpain GT Sprint Cup at the Nürburgring

Position Pilots* Car Time
1 Bell / Parente McLaren 650S GT3 Garage 59 41 laps
2nd Stevens / Rast Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +2.090
3rd Szymkowiak / Schneider Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +10.697
4th Ide / Harvest Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +13.736
5th Siedler / Seefried Ferrari 488 GT3 Rinaldi Racing +22.523
6th Baumann / Buhk Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +23.348
7th Vervisch / Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +23.913
8th Dusseldorp / Martin BMW M6 GT3 Rowe Racing +36.159
9th Sims / Eng BMW M6 GT3 Rowe Racing +44.988
10th Vautier / Rosenqvist Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA ASP +45.847