Bell: “people don’t understand how careless that was the team”


Renault it is costing you to be taken seriously and great part of the blame for this is the poor performance of the team in his first year back in Formula 1, . The purchase of the team Lotus not only was it late and hit the draft this year, but which resulted in, practically, the obligation of having to resurrect a team almost dead.

“In 2017 we want to move to the middle part of the grill

In you’re last few weeks the team has started to offer a sporty performance a bit better, but the members of Renault insist that this year is the transition to a new structure with more ambitious goals. “I don’t think that the people outside understand the omissions that had been Enstone in the last few years, so there is plenty to do. And while we started with the process of rebuilding the team, we had to build the car of this year and start working on one even better for the coming year, something that was not terribly difficult,”, commented Bob Bell about the complexity of this season for the team.

Bell admits that this season is a challenge, but the plan is clear: to get the title within a period of five years. “it Has been a challenge and continues to be so, but there is a great spirit at Enstone. The next year the step forward obviously is to move to the middle part of the grill and to be competitive in that area. Then, to 2018, to be eligible for the podium places and, later, four or five years, completing a season to win the title”, something that Renault has already done previously in 2005 and 2006 under the direction of Flavio Briatore.


For Bell, the precedents give the reason and, to this end, he offers as examples to Red Bull, the Renault and the team that dominates in the news: Mercedes. The first one took five years to get the title, the same thing that the mark of the diamond on its previous stage, using Mercedes a year less time in getting his first title. “If you look at the history and you look at what needed to Red Bull when they bought Jaguar, when Renault bought Benetton, or when Mercedes bought Brawn, took five years to each one of you to win the championship. That is the time needed, the type of roadmap that we have set. I think that it is realistic and is in line with the expectations of the company”.

Currently, Renault is the ninth in the constructors ‘ championship with eight points, twenty less that Haas F1.