Ben Collins (ex-Stig) explains how the Ford Focus RS drift in its Drift Mode

Ford Focus RS has started official production in Germany, and already from a while ago Ford supports bookings of which will be the compact most radical ever created by the brand of the oval. In a few weeks we will be able to drive in Valencia and tell you about our first-hand experience, but until then you’ll have to be conformed with a video posted by Ford Europe in which Ben Collins – ex-Stig of Top Gear – explains to us the differences between your different driving modes, as well as its “Drift Mode”.

The driving modes of the all-new Ford Focus RS are four: Normal, Sport, Track and Drift. The difference of the mode Sport with respect to the Normal mode is that both motor, such as an address, sound of the exhaust and all-wheel drive system is become more aggressive, with the ESC and the suspension staying in their serial configuration. The Track mode activates the sport mode of all systems of the car and disconnected part of the stability control. It is a radical way that Ford recommends using in the circuits, not on the streets.

And the mode Drift, in which the suspension and steering take a setup more friendly with the rest of the systems in mode DEFCON 1. Is the all-wheel drive system the more one works in this case, by sending more torque and power to one of the two rear wheels – the most distant to the center of the curve – allowing it to maintain wheel slippage controlled, burning wheel as if there was no tomorrow. The awd system also sends more power to the rear axle than the front, without we realize noticeably.

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