Benito War change of plan after the fire of your Skoda


The bad luck was fattened with Benedict War in the days before the Rally of Mexico, every time that the Skoda Fabia R5 with which he would compete in his home race is incendiaba in the ‘Monday test’. The enormous damage suffered by the Fabia R5 of the mexican not only walked away from competing in front of his fans, but also have made it impossible to be in the next Rally of Argentina. For this reason, the FIA has allowed Benito War to change the appointments designated for your program in WRC2, and may as well make a complete program as he had planned.

In this way, Benito Guerra and co-driver Spanish Borja Rozada will begin their season in the Rally of Portugal once the Fabia R5, run by Motorsport Italia go back to ‘life’. Once the appointment in the neighboring country, the new program of the mexican pilot contemplates that is present in the quotes from Sardinia, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Wales and Australia, this being the last rally of the two new tests that it has built-Benito War to meet his absences in Mexico and Argentina, although that involves a greater outlay to be the test of the WRC with a cost of logistics is higher.

own Benito Guerra explained on the official website of the WRC the strange circumstances which had produced the fire of your Fabia R5: “I Was making a riding experience for the winners of a tv game show. During the last lap, I noticed a strange smell in the car. It smelled burned and the pipe of the brake was broken. The car was set on fire by the rear wheel left. The manager of the team told me to get out of the car, walked a few meters and I heard a burst of strange. The car caught fire on the inside. It was a madness. I had never seen anything like this before. 90% of the car is burned”.