Bentley Bentayga ‘Giant’: and it looks like the luxury SUV with the new package from DMC

Each time there are more coaches that are thrown at
develop a program of adjustments to the Bentley Bentayga. The SUV of the
british manufacturer of Crewe is situated as the maximum exponent of luxury in their
segment (although not much you will be direct rivals), however,
for the preparers of the most important cars of the international scene not
enough is enough, and always want to go a step further. A clear example is what
new DMC for the Bentley


trainer DMC introduces its package of improvements for the Bentley Bentayga.

The above-mentioned preparer has publicized its new package of improvements to the Bentley SUV with the gives him the nickname of “Giant”. Analyzing the exterior of the Bentayga, which has passed through the hands of DMC, it jumps to the view that has been endowed with a body kit composed by a new bonnet and side skirts. All in carbon fiber. Material has also been used in some of the finishes in the behind.

Paying attention in the side, new aluminum rims forged focus our gaze. They are available in 22-24 inches. In addition, the selected painting combined with the chrome accents and carbon fibre scattered around the outside it does not help to go unnoticed. Despite this, it is evident that we are before one of the jobs least radical of DMC.

As noted by the own trainer, with this package of improvements has been sought to emphasize the image elegant and exclusive of the SUV british. And is that with all the new elements, built-emphasizes the line of the original design by putting special emphasis on some of its details more characteristic.


A new hood, rims and kit building are some of the enhancements provided by DMC for the Bentayga.

¿And what about the interior? DMC currently offers a new steering wheel, carbon fiber custom with details in Italian leather of the first quality as well as a set of floor mats, matte color (available in several shades) hand-stitched. At the request of each client, the trainer allows you to choose between several types of upholstery for the seats and other trim to create a cabin completely customized.

Going to the section mechanic, the trainer has not forgotten his hand to the W12 engine. In its new package of improvements, we find a specific exhaust as well as a new admission. Thanks to these improvements, the Bentley Bentayga prepared by DMC passes 608 HP of series up to the 703 HP and puts maximum torque in the 1.055 Nm. With this increase in power, now can reach 312 km/h of maximum speed.

The Bentley Bentayga prepared by DMC in motion.