Bentley Bentayga Vs Tesla Model X P90D What is the best SUV of the moment?

What is the best SUV of the moment? What is the SUV fastest in the world? What is…? The Bentley Bentayga and Tesla Model X are the current kings of fever, SUV or crossover that you live the automobile industry, and for this reason nothing is better than face the Bentley Bentayga and the Tesla Model X video to check out first hand why each claims to be the number 1. Does Bentley or Tesla? Do W12 engine petrol or electric engine? In this video you will find the answer.

The 2 best SUV on the market face-to-face but Are they really comparable cars so different?

When Bentley introduced its first SUV named Bentley Bentayga I remember that he did it without sparing in praise, you can remember our first contact with the Bentley Bentayga. The Bentayga came into the world with an infinity of suffixes that turned him into the most powerful, the fastest, the most luxury, the most exclusive… was a Bentley, but it was the fifth essence of what should be a Bentley according to its canons, and was now carried to lands unexplored, as the body of the SUV and the skills off-road.

The case of Tesla Model X is not very different, but their propaganda clings to the breakup of all established thanks to a philosophy of the Tesla Model S, some rear doors in ways of gull wings, and a electric propulsion system on batteries with up to 762 HP of maximum power. If the Bentley Bentayga offers raw power and exclusivity, the Tesla Model X offers technology and distinction.

While the Bentley Bentayga offers a watch of 200,000 euros, the Tesla Model X is able to neutralize attacks biochemical

Although the comparison is attractive, and it is required, we speak of two formats apparently opposite response to the same need, of get to take home an SUV that represents having the best of the best.

to try to answer the question of which model is better and why, from Motor Trend have put together the Bentley Bentayga and the Tesla Model X P90D in duel to the death that passes from acceleration testing on the drag style, the analysis of some of their best weapons as they are the exotic doors of the SUV of Tesla or the luxurious interior of the Bentley SUV. It is not easy to choose between one model or another, but from Motor Trend seem to have very clear the things