Bentley confirms that its designers are working on a Bentayga Coupe

bentley-bentayga (2)less than half a year Bentley introduced finally your SUV, the Bentayga. After many rumors, teaser and progress that we were discovering little by little, technical characteristics, design or technology, the model was officially presented. While it is a model that combines good off-road skills with great driving dynamics. Qualities that test your maximum speed of over 300 km/h. Well, time after the filing of the Bentayga the brand has confirmed that its designers are working on a Bentley Bentayga Coupe. Let’s see that we know this potential new model.

They had been hearing rumours about this possible version, and now, Wolfgang Dürheimer, CEO of the company, has confirmed to Automotive News that the design team of Bentley is working on a Bentayga Coupe. In the same way, Dürheimer has given clues about the aesthetics that you would see, a design inspired by the prototype EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept. An inspiration that confirms that this variant would have features important sports body in addition to keep in mind the elegance of the company.

bentley-bentayga (1)Although let us not become too many illusions, the project Bentley Bentayga Coupe is waiting to be approved, a green light should give the high charges of the Volkswagen Group in the coming months. If you will be approved the production of the model it is believed that could arrive at a period of about two or three years, seeing the final aesthetic of this variant in 2018 or later than 2019. Also the platform chosen to give life to the English would be the well-known MLB-Evo.

In regards to range mechanics little is known. While we can imagine that the model would take the W12 engine of 6.0 liters biturbo engine that produces more than 600 horsepower. The maximum speed would exceed that of the Bentayga, the model that declares 301 km/h on this section, almost nothing. Another figure that would exceed, well in this case lower, is the acceleration, making the 0-100 km/h in under 4.1 seconds, a figure which gets the SUV.

Source – Automotive News