Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016, reaching up to 642 HP


Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016, now with 642 HP

Year after year, the Bentley Continental GT continues to add small improvements and refine his proposal. Their new generation will come to the end of 2017, and from him we have talked at length through our spy photos. Meanwhile, the range of the Bentley Continental GT 2016 premieres the minimum changes along with its new special edition.

Beginning with the Bentley Continental GT Speed 2016, its W12 engine biturbo 6.0-liter increases power and torque in +7 HP and +20 Nm, respectively, thanks to a supercharger optimized in a regime of operation of the engine wider.

With his new 642 CV, and 840 Nm of torque -now available between 2,000 rpm and 5,000 rpm, the GT Speed improve almost imperceptible performance, speeding up now from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and reached 331 km/h maximum

there are No more changes in design or equipment, so that the model maintains all of the luxury distinctive and aesthetic improvements, which premiered in the Bentley Continental GT 2015. Yes it adds a new special edition to the range, presented in the past Geneva 2016: the Bentley Continental GT Black Edition, with an orientation more sporting.

The mark of Crewe already supports orders of this new Bentley Continental GT Black Edition, although the first units will not be delivered to their owners until the summer, as will happen with the rest of the range in 2016. It will be available with body coupe or convertible.


Bentley Continental GT Black Edition, also in body-convertible

These Continental GT ‘Black Edition’ characterized by a exterior details in black shiny alloy wheels of 21 inches in black finish (with brake calipers in black or red) and elements, aerodynamic bodywork and rear view mirrors, in contrast, color to choose between the St. James Network, Cyber Yellow, Beluga or Hallmark.

In its interior, the Bentley Continental GT Black Edition provide more specific detail in the form of a decorative moulding of carbon fibre and upholstered integral in leather, in the same colors as the elements of contrast exterior above, extending in this way the customization of the model with a style that is more bold and dynamic.