Bentley EXP 10 Speed ​​6: the connection between art and classicism in the interests of sportsmanship

Bentley already has its own sporty two-seater … and no, not referring to Bentley Continental GT3 -R . Born Bentley EXP 10 Speed ​​6 and makes it even as a concept version pointing out largely aesthetic direction of the brand while we anticipated arrival in production two-seater sports coupe exquisite taste, a “F-Type Coupe”, saving the logical distances, reinterpreted by Bentley.

Without going into technical details, in his engine, platform … Bentley leaves us with a declaration of intentions charged much muscle and look at step shows a rear wheel.

Bentley_EXP_10_speed_6_DM_7 Leading a curious solution in which modernity of a clear conceptual optics combines with a grill Classic cut similar to what we find between the ribs of the hood and the marked lines binomial lateral.

His defense is resolved with a “simple” set of wide area in which the role is split between a Optical and oval tailpipes and a simple fall from the ceiling culminating in a completely straight line charge of glorifying this seemingly broad outline.

Bentley_EXP_10_speed_6_DM_4 We enter his inside and we find lush sample luxury reinterpreting classicism Bentley associated with high doses of modern conceptuality.

As soon as the seats are coated than finished quilted classic as we found on the center console with huge screen as well as classic designs are used for shifter or speakers while is fully digital instrumentation .

Bentley_EXP_10_speed_6_DM_1 Luxury is very very present. All surfaces are covered with leather and they are not finished in wood or aluminum, leading to an exquisite and luxurious interior.

Vanguardia, classicism and sportiness for which it could well be a future member of the Bentley range is that in signing seem more than willing to take it to production.

Source: Bentley
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