Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept, cars luxury electrifican

The electrification is one and the large current steps of the automotive industry to adapt to the mobility of the future. Such is the importance that luxury brands like Bentley also have in their plans to leave to one side the fossil fuels in the future, as we bring this Geneva 2017 format conceptual.

And is the EXP 12 Speed 6e collects for the british brand will be the vehicles of luxury, not only in its aesthetic interior and exterior that will mark the way forward in following models, but in the technology and applied mechanics of the same that passes by the electrification.


With a attractive exterior silhouette soft features, his body stands by extracting the same design DNA of Bentley as his remarkable front grille (lit with the number 6), its long hood or their marked hips, rear, but with a more modernized and technological, such as the incorporation of cameras instead of exterior mirrors.

however, this design exercise of the English brand stands out for its subtlety and real aspect, and it is that to the naked eye does not have that characteristic look of the prototype rather being a model made with the same know-how, dedication and high-quality materials that the firm might lead to the production with very few changes before they reach the market.


cabin efforts have been made to offer the perfect fusion between the quality materials interior and technological equipment, which has led them to create items such as the center console touchscreen OLED made from a cut-glass, or the leather of reddish-his entire cabin that takes us to a steering wheel in the form of a U with portions carved in glass by hand and controls to limit the speed or require the maximum power to the motor.

in Addition, the co has its own control panel in the dashboard front, not with the box of instrumentation as the driver, but with a team with internet access to make the journey more enjoyable (if not entertains you enough to observe every corner of the interior of this car.


The purpose of the Bentley is that this vehicle 100% power that could travel on a single charge, a journey from Milan to Monaco (about 300 Km) without losing the benefits that characterize the brand today, available technology load wireless high-speed, so that their clients do not have to be seen by plugging the car to the current though, in emergency mode an alternative charging cable with a socket hidden behind the tuition back.

Even so, from the own firm we announce that by the time your prototype is a essay on the opinion and acceptance of their customers towards this type of vehicle and that, in the short term is only to be expected the creation of models hybrid-electric, plug-in to open in 2018 Bentayga.