Bentley hit in 2015 and away from her record sales

Bad news for Bentley in 2015. Bentley has sold during the year 2015 10.100 units, which means a fall of -8,35% with respect to the year 2014 11.020 units that was the historical record of Bentley in sales. Bentley has suffered in the first person the crisis of markets such as China, the USA and Russia, seeing as their main market is the U.S. has also slowed their frenzy with the models of Bentley. Are we facing a crisis of sales in Bentley? Is it just a cycle? Will there be comeback with the new Bentley Bentayga?


hope Bentley in 2016 is the new Bentayga, and us as we have known it in live and direct

The year 2015 has been a year of major decline for China, a year of crisis that was not slow to affect one of the sectors that more grew under the protection of the rapid chinese growth, the luxury sector. The going to be the second largest market for Bentley’s global sales, China, has seen it now as their sales have fallen to 2560 units in the year 2014 to 1.615 units in the year 2015. This decline has been exacerbated with the collapse of the market for EE.UU, a fall of 3.186 units in 2014 to 2.864 units in 2015. Two strategic markets that have taken a toll on the numbers of Bentley in 2015.

But in spite of everything, Bentley claims that it has been an interesting year in both the growth of other markets such as the Uk, Europe, Japan, Middle East and South Korea. The growth in the other markets cited above has led to the that Bentley has not been seen to be hampered by poor results from China and the US, one aspect to consider to encourage commitment to new markets and to curb the dependency of China and the U.S.

ventas-bentley-2015-0116-01Following these results, tap to make it balance on the reasons for this decline, reasons that we can discover with the drubbing suffered by numerous firms in the luxury sector linked to the growth “unstoppable” China. Even so, since in 2016 Bentley has to face the launch of its most ambitious, the new Bentley Bentayga, an SUV of conglomerate presence whose forecasts indicate us a year of sales in 2016, with a possible new historical record above the 11.020 units reached in 2014

Source: Bentley
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