Bentley is studying to launch a SUV below the Bentayga, which will only be electric

Bentley Bentayga Diesel

In your moment, we all thought that it would not be true, but when Bentley confirmed that it would get full in the segment of large luxury SUV we stay in boxes. The Bentayga is one of the best cars (and pay no attention to the segment to which it belongs) that is upon the face of the earth and as the public demand has become a real success for the English firm.

So important has become (to their sales and profitability), that the managers of the firm would be thinking of launching a little brother small the Bentayga. With this movement in its catalog would be looking to capture new customers and as the public is happy with this type of car, surely the will. However, the little brother of the Bentayga would not enter the market with the same weapons trade (with the exception of the luxury end), who has used his older brother.

Bentley Bentayga Diesel

As rumored by the collective of the network, Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of Bentley, has stated that in the signature will not remain with a single SUV model. In addition to, confirmed that they have evidence that a mini Bentayga could have a great acceptance in the market. Until there everything would be correct, however the change could come from the hand of a model powered by batteries.

If we stick to the information that we already know of the signature, in a first assault commercial Bentley will offer different versions of hybrid plug-in. The electrification of their total range would be a second stage. However, we wouldn’t be surprised that both solaparan or even past since the Volkswagen Group needs such as water to change its image and to this end its bet on electric vehicles.

With the calendar in hand we would have several chances to see the mini Bentayga in the street. The first would be the end of this decade coinciding with the launch of more models SUV electric of the Volkswagen Group. The second would be located to the early years of the second, since, by the uniqueness of Bentley would have to take your time to find your platform and adjust the standards of quality.

whatever this model still does not have the ok of the leadership of the Volkswagen Group. However, if the numbers will add up (now more than ever) we could have news of this model sooner rather than later.

Source – Automotive News