Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine: Mulliner creates the new whim of the leaders

how A Bentley Mulsanne, even bigger and more luxurious? Mulliner said that it was possible and so have gone to the Geneva motor show with the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine, the most luxurious and exclusive car ever created by the department of customization Mulliner. Although we knew that Bentley is working on a specification even more luxurious in your luxury sedan, nothing was that the approach would be the a limousine presidential with a posterior area with up to 4 seats faced, as in the best of private jets.

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Leaders of half the world, and great fortunes will find in the Bentley Mulsanne, Grand Limousine its a perfect vehicle to go unnoticed… or that is what it is meant to demonstrate Bentley’s offering a cabin later completely isolated from the outside world thanks to an unprecedented implementation of medium technical. Mulliner has a built-in new air-conditioning system exclusive, an array of screens and possibilities in connectivity to convert this Bentley in an office rolling, and a latest technology of privacy based on the use of glasses photochromatic to avoid the prying eyes.

bentley-mulsanne-grand limousine-2016-01Mulliner has been integrated into the exterior of the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine a two-toned paint with the shades of Silver Frost and Moroccan Blue. This type of paint with two shades tend to be the oddball as usual in this type of cars, stressing that the catalog that will offer Mulliner will include as many colors as demands come in from your customers.

Already in the interior, Mulliner, used the finest leathers, fabrics and wood to create a cabin inspired by the big private jets. The redesign of the platform has allowed to include now 4 seats fully independent control of electrical functions of massage, ventilation and heating.

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Although Bentley has omitted information regarding the powertrain, it is expected that the redesign of the Bentley Mulsanne to exceed 6.5 metres has been forced to put all of the elements of the chassis. Even so, it is quite likely that the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine keep the 537 HP and 1,100 Nm of torque specification Mulsanne Speed.

Source: Bentley
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