Bentley wants a second SUV small


Bentley EXP 9 F Concept

Bentley, like other luxury brands, are seeking to live in greater volumes, and there the SUV’s are sitting on a gold mine to exploit. The Bentley Bentayga is receiving orders over the expectation early, which encourages the manufacturer to think of a second SUV, of lower size. the dome of The VAG Group has to authorize it first, in a horizon of cuts to cope with the consequences of the case #Dieselgate.

The second SUV will be a size understood between Porsche Macan and Cayenne, and will build many parts of the Bentayga. As simple as “plug & play”, said CEO Wolfgang Durheimer to the journalists from Autocar. That includes the bestiality of engine 6.0 W12 600 HP, as well as the other engines planned for the Bentayga.

not Yet decided on a name for him. The price will be around 120,000 pounds, is a bit more economical than the Bentayga, and is intended to attract a clientele which is unprecedented in Bentley, younger, but with good current accounts. A large part of the demand is coming from countries with a high development, but with roads that still are reminiscent of his time in developing. , we Could see it in the form of prototype in less than three years.

Bentley uses the same resources as manufacturers general: reuse of platforms and engines and find customers to more young people through a lower price. The Bentayga you can assume soon the 50% of the sales of Bentley, the second SUV will help a lot to achieve a 25,000 units a year, that’s more than double the current rate of production in Crewe.