Bentley will seek to attract more customers, young

bentley-continental-gt3-r(1)The company Bentley, as is the case with Rolls-Royce, has been always linked to the high range and English elegance. Since the birth of her first car, and despite the purchase by the Volkswagen Group, the brand has remained true to this philosophy, offering its clients the refined luxury that is printed on their models since several decades. This reason perhaps they have been led, in addition to the no-brainer that buying a Bentley is not like buying a Polo, has to have a clientele with an average age high. A figure who want to lose with the advent of new models that seek to attract a younger audience.

in Addition to the newly introduced Bentley Bentayga, the new SUV from the british company, the brand aims to bring to market a sport in a few years. Would this model one of the main attractions that would use the brand to attract customers more young people of high purchasing power with a more youthful image than that of the Continental. In the same way the evolution of products the firm will begin to look at more of what he did to this type of client, tried to, as we say, to break the media buyers of about 30 years.

bentley-continental-gt3-r(4)(1)The same design director of the brand, Stefan Sielaff, has been clarified to Coach that they have no intention of damaging the heritage company, or get to destroy it with this new approach, which intend to, but just looking to evolve and take steps forward. Sielaff continued that the design team that owns the firm has workers of more than 20 national, which makes it easier to get to the taste of the client.

Stefan Sielaff also stated that despite the fact that the production will rise significantly with the arrival of the Bentayga will continue to work the traditional way. He also noted his position in regard to autonomous vehicles stating that the brand will continue working on the development of new technologies that improve the driving but that never replace the role of the driver, making reference to this technology driving autonomous as “dominant”.

Source – Carscoops