Bernie Ecclestone and Bob Bell lament the departure of Ron Dennis


The departure of Ron Dennis of McLaren has been one of the most important news of the final stretch of the season 2016, every time you the former Executive Director of McLaren has been section of the team of Formula 1 after failing to get done with the majority control of the actions of the Group. This clash of interests with the other shareholders -Mansour Ojjeh and the fund of Bahrain Mumtalakat – has meant that Zak Brown to take the place of Dennis. A movement that has caused confusion and a certain penalty in illustrious names from the paddock as the Bernie Ecclestone or Bob Bell.

In this aspect, Bernie Ecclestone acknowledged in a statement to ‘’ regret the departure of Ron Dennis: I’ve Always supported Ron Dennis, so I feel a lot of your gear. Have your own style of management, as millions of people in the world. I myself have my own. In his style, and if it doesn’t fit what they want the shareholders, these things happen”. The pattern of the Formula 1 also added: “we do Not know what will happen with Zak Brown. In the past, was looking for sponsorships to other people, I hope it does well because we need that McLaren improves“.


Bob Bell, that I agree with Dennis in McLaren between 1982 and 1997, has also been expressed in similar terms in statements to ‘’, where he stated: “It’s a person that sometimes it was difficult to work with, but I think that was an important asset to McLaren. It is sad to see him progress and the way in which it has occurred. Ron was a leader that was inspired by how was able to transform the organisation of McLaren and by its ability to generate investment, by letting the engineers do what they had to do and that he would find a way to pay for it. Was inspiring“.

In this line, Bob Bell added: “I Think that is very sad. We all have to accept that Ron was going to retire at some point, because all we have to do, but I think it is very sad the way in which it has occurred. Ron To leave the organization in this way is a sad thing to see. Sure in McLaren many will miss. Ron is the architect of all of what is now the McLaren modern. I think that he is the true successor of Bruce McLaren, who was the one who started the team. Your heart and soul are in McLaren“.