Bernie Ecclestone defends Joseph Blatter

EBernie Ecclestone has been characterized by always expressing what you think without fear of what you might think, and that it has gotten in issues that are very gory throughout his career as boss of the F1. From ensuring that the democracies do not work, you sympathize with Vladimir Putin and now to defend Sepp Blatter, wrapped up in corruption scandals as president of FIFA.

Blatter has been suspended from his presidency on the FIFA of the form prudential by the recent corruption scandals that have been uncovered and that affect the FIFA during his tenure. Investigations are ongoing and it seems that every time there are new signs of corruption and bribery within the International Federation of Association Football. But Ecclestone this is not you found anything wrong, and defends the work of Blatter as president.

Joseph Blatter

Sepp Blatter

Recall that Bernie Ecclestone has also been involved in cases of corruption, but their 84-year-old continues with its tonic, justifying that corruption is a tax more than necessary for the expansion of the sport. Not in that place leaves this statement to Ecclestone, but it certainly is not anything positive, neither for your person nor for the F1, and much less to the sport.

Ecclestone has said that: “I Think that there should have been paragraph, I don’t think he should have been challenged. […] It is thanks to Blatter that football is played in many countries of the world, and if those people have been corrupted so that they could do things in your country, is good. Is the tax that football must pay.“. With these words has finished his defense against the daily Mirror.

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