Bertin Osborne tab by Lexus: What Do you look for a brand of the celebrities who are working as ambassadors of it?

celebrities and car brands form a relationship avenue, and are one of the most important pillars of the marketing strategy of the brand itself. Today, precisely, we wondered what has prompted Lexus to rely on Bertin Osborne to become the image of Lexus in 2016, accompanying the brand in its promotion. A movement that also occurs in a year is really important for Lexus in which, among other things, produces the release of one of their flagship products, the RX 450h (see test of the new Lexus RX 450h).

celebrities who work as the image of your brand can say a lot about you, but even more of your commercial intentions.

why Bertin Osborne? Just wander on Twitter on a Wednesday, in prime time, to verify that Bertin, and your program In the yours or mine, have managed to polarize viewers, from those who certainly have been hooked to the program by your direct way of saying things, and your relationship with the interviewee, to those who pour opinions more critical in the social networks. Be that as it may, the hearings back a program that was the surprise of the last television season in autumn. A program that perhaps many would not have bet, and one of the few joys – in terms of your audiences – from the Spanish Television.

What figure we would have proposed to a brand like Lexus? we could have thought of other. My partner David Clavero reminded me that David Munoz had been perfectly represented the idea, innovation and youth, who proposes to Lexus. Pity that Mercedes-Benz would advance. Remember that Lexus is a brand that is featuring skateboards flying, sophisticated hybrids, coupes passionate, and that is no more that the tip of the iceberg of what is to come this year. For his career, and although this year has been brilliant for Osborne for the popularity of his program, we should not forget that her figure cala, above all, in an audience several generations ago, Bertin became one of the well-known figures in Spain since their first albums in the early eighties and their most popular programs on tv Spanish private of the nineties.


The program In the yours or mine has become the leader of television in the prime time Wednesday.

And that is where we come to the crux of the matter. Lexus wants to reach the general public, who knows the brand, and that you don’t know, but especially these last. In a scenario in which the competition is increasing, and your main rivals are investing huge amounts of money on advertising, or sponsorships as equip all the staff of Real Madrid, not only need to product, but also that people know that there is your product. Bertin Osborne premiered its sponsorship, speaking of “environmental performance, technology, interior comfort, and safety.” Before Bertin, Lexus has had the image of his brand with other celebrities, including actress Adriana Ugarte.

In short, Lexus does not want to necessarily be associated with a particular image, for which it would have worked better a sponsorship such as David Muñoz, tell us “we are not only young people, but also what we seem”, but to remind us that they are there, and that you’re not only “sota, horse and king” to choose a car, which in addition to Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, is Lexus. The customer of a BMW X5 knows that there is the new Lexus RX. The customer of a Mercedes GLA is aware that there is the Lexus NX.

And it is there where we understand, from our modest opinion, that the movement of Lexus is successful and justified, don’t you think?

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