Best car 2016 for : Hyundai IONIQ


outright best car of the year 2016

awards Car of the year 2016 that we celebrate at the end of each season to adapt to the reality of the market, so in this edition we have had to create additional categories that reflect the growth of the SUV in different segments, and the separation between sports cars of the supercars, thanks to the technological advances every time they have services that are more incredible and scandalous.

After the selection of winners by categories is by choosing one of the awards more complicated, the winner as best car of the year 2016. In a year marked by the scandal of the emissions and the increasing media pressure to create vehicles politically correct it seems that, in the short term, the electrification will be integrated increasingly in the automotive sector, designing more vehicles eco-friendly which suggest a future with all-electric vehicles.

Best car of the year 2016: Hyundai IONIQ

On this occasion, we have chosen as best car of the year 2016 the Hyundai IONIQ. Alternative propulsion vehicles, regardless of the segment where it is located, are gaining momentum day after day, and manufacturers have increased their efforts in making vehicles increasingly attractive, both in design and efficiency.

Under the body of the Hyundai IONIQ hide three mechanical options: a hybrid version, another hybrid plug-in and an alternative 100% electric.

To day of today is only available with the hybrid version which is the one that has managed to take our award with an automatic change of double clutch, a multi-media system compatible with Android and IOS, a average consumption approved of 3.4 l/100 km and a price from 23.900 euros not counting promotions. If you don’t know the model, don’t miss our video.