Best compact 2015 Infiniti Q30

With over 250,000 units sold in 2015, and with a market share of 18.5 per cent, the compact segment is by far the market niche most demanding of all. Among the 18 novelties of this year, the team has been decided that the winner of the best compact of the year 2015 is the Infiniti Q30.

Best Compact 2015

  1. Infiniti Q30
  2. Opel Astra
  3. Kia cee’d

Traditionally the C-segment has been dominated by the German brands and the French. However in recent years we have seen changes. The arrival of asian competitors has caused a shift in the sales thanks to its great price/quality ratio. So it is not surprising that the Infiniti Q30 will be the winner of this year.

We have already had occasion to try it out, and the Q30 turns out to be the perfect combination of German technology with japanese design. A mixture of anglo-japanese that can already be ordered in dealerships at a really competitive price. We are at the first Infiniti designed and manufactured exclusively for the european market.

Nor should we miss the presence of his two companions on the podium. The Opel Astra has seen the birth of its fifth generation this year. Must be the generation that would jump to the top of the compact. Your bet comes for the design, technology, quality and performance. And that’s still getting the versions more dynamic.


The japanese design has combined with the German technology. Congratulations

finally, it is commendable the effort of the Kia cee’d. With the passing of the years this compact Korean has been refined aesthetically and dynamically speaking. This year a restyling has seen the light, and thanks to him, the cee’d is with its own merits, this list of winners. Who can imagine how will be the Kia of within five years?