Best compact suv in 2016 to the Seat Ateca


a long time Ago that the SUV will no longer be fashionable to be imposed with force and made hollow in almost all the categories. Such is its influence that there are that separate them into segments to refer to them. Our awards to the best cars of the year 2016 reflect that reality and thus we have a award for crossover, a luxury SUV and the one we’re trying: the category of SUVs compact.

A voting more difficult for our panel of judges has resulted in a clear winner over many other SUVs that also have great reasons to win over customers.

best compact SUV in 2016 is the Seat Ateca. The Seat that most excitement has been in the last few years is the rise with this win for their rugged appearance, complies with the canon of beauty SUV, by the quality of the materials in the cockpit, the very best that we can find in the house as well as for the balance between performance and consumption of the engines currently offered. According to the configurator of the official mark is available from 20.680 eur.

Best compact SUV 2016

  1. Seat Ateca
  2. VW Tiguan
  3. Toyota C-HR

have Not been the first but Seat have done their homework, like their rivals, they offer interesting models. In second place is the Volkswagen Tiguan, in comparison with the winner has a higher price and a more serious, more sober, more German from 26.990 € offers three trim levels and engines from 115 to 240 HP as well as a spectacular R package that provides a sporty look.

finally, the podium rises a newcomer to the market, the Toyota C-HR, a bet very attractive by having a design of youth and a hybrid engine of 122 HP which is available from 24.200 euros. Its softness is one of its strong points as well as its official data of consumption, as it approves an average expenditure of 3.6 liters per 100 kilómetros.


this is the Toyota C-HR remains in third position