Best coupe 2015 Audi TT

A vehicle coupe to combine a beautiful aesthetic-body two-door able to fall in love with, be fast and of course possess a interior technology for the enjoyment of its occupants. Without a doubt, the design of its lines and the benefits of its mechanics are the attributes most sought in a coupe. The Engine has chosen the Audi TT as the coupé of the year 2015.

Best Coupe 2015:

  1. Audi TT
  2. Ford Mustang
  3. Mercedes C-Class Coupe


Best Coupe 2015: Audi TT

The compact coupe from Audi was the first of the four rings to mount the dashboard, completely digital Virtual Cockpit, an element that gradually we will find in the rest of the range.

The fourth-generation TT came with a long-awaited design of a continuation but was fully renovated in all respects with the latest technology from the germans, as the headlights Matrix LED and more efficient engines.

With power reach up to 310 HP, TTS, waiting for the extreme version RS, the coupe from Audi is the better alternative for our team thanks to their balance between design, performance, quality, technology and price. Without a doubt a coupe that you will never regret.


soft Lines for this Audi TTS

In second place we find the Ford Mustang. The iconic muscle car american finally lands in Europe in an official way as global model that is now. You can opt for the exclusive pony with a input engine EcoBoost 2.3-liter (317 HP) of moderate consumption, or choose the option GT with the huge block 5.0-liter V8 421 CV of taste 100% american.

In third place combines class, style, sportiness and space in the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe. It is a saloon and two-door that covers all the luxury and refinement of the Class C from which it is derived but with a body that is reminiscent of the impressive S-Class Coupe in your behind.

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