Best luxury sedan 2015 BMW Series 7

Few candidates have been submitted this year to the luxury sedan, but those who have done so have come up with duties well done. Bronze medal for the bet eastern.

The Genesis is an attractive product they want, as has been done by Citroen with its DS range, separated from their brothers ‘battle’ of the Hyundai brand. Well-refined and with the luxury well interpreted of korea, poses as an interesting option and with a adjusted price. But a low volume and a lack of product placed him in a disadvantaged position in the segment, with competitors, very fierce.

For the Jaguar XJ, a product that is already well known by all, a silver medal. Your update has been successful, with technologies that were needed and a dash of design that does not tarnish a product that is already in and of itself, was well done.

The lightness of its chassis, the high-end luxury atmosphere in your interior and adjustments to comply with Euro 6, make him well-deserved silver medallist. However, the clear bet of Jaguar this year focuses on the lower segments and SUV. The Jaguar XE, XF, F-Pace, will no doubt be those who reap more successes at different levels.

Best luxury saloon 2015

  1. BMW Series 7
  2. Jaguar XJ
  3. Genesis G90


the interior of The BMW 7 Series is simply spectacular

Not going to happen with the new BMW 7 Series, our winner this year. BMW wanted to prove that one can not always walk a step behind in this segment, and has demonstrated its technological prowess, innovation and efficiency in front of the majestic Mercedes s Class.

Was premiered (finally), the car park remote, a smart key, the heart of carbon fiber, a touch screen, and gesture, a Head-Up Display of larger size, a system of cameras to very advanced, headlights BMW this software optional… and a catalog of extras that will delight those who opt for the new flagship, not only of BMW but also of the automotive world.