Best minivan 2015 for Volkswagen Touran

The main qualities that are demanded in segment mpvs are a great habitability interior, great options, modularity and a wide cargo space. However, other characteristics such as design, performance and technology are increasingly important when opting for one model or the other. All this has served to certify that the Volkswagen Touran is the best minivan, 2015 to our team.


The seal of quality of Volkswagen is very much present in the new Touran

Best Minivan 2015:

  1. Volkswagen Touran
  2. BMW 2 Gran Tourer
  3. Renault Espace

The fourth generation of the mpv German has come to the market treading with force. The new Volkswagen Touran is our favorite because it offers the modern, sporty style -in particular with the R package Line – and follows the design of the latest launches of the manufacturer from Wolfsburg.

The minivan of Volkswagen plus, enjoy a habitable interior that is beyond all doubt, with up to seven seats and a huge trunk of 743 litres. Not to forget the wide range of technology, both in equipment safety and comfort, which makes it one of the best options to make long trips with the family.

The second position has been for the BMW 2 Gran Tourer. The first minivan of seven-seater from the bavarian manufacturer offers everything you could ask for in a car, premium and has no rival in the market. We tried it in his presentation, including one of the versions with the greatest commercial success, the BMW 216d Gran Tourer.


The available equipment of the Volkswagen Touran has little to envy to that of sedans premium

The bronze medal has been to the Renault Espace. With versions of five and seven seats, quality interior, very refined, and a design that has evolved from the previous generations to show an image reminiscent of a crossover, the other French arrived in dealers in the spring to continue to be one of the references of the segment.