Best Pick-Up 2016 for Nissan Navara


Best Pick up 2016: Nissan Navara

currently in the automotive market we are offering a lot of new developments and future competitors in the segment of the Pick-Up of a ton (those capable of carrying on its base of more than 1,000 Kg of weight) with brands like Mercedes or Renault is about to enter a fight that will squeeze even more of these vehicles to battle to clinch the victory.

The winner of this year could not be other than the Nissan Navara. Manufactured in the national territory, and despite the fact that it does not offer the versatility in bodywork of the Toyota Hilux or the level of finishes of the Amarok, the japanese firm has managed to create a vehicle in the segment Pick-Up that will compete face-to-face with their rivals in ability and guarantees of work, with a performance off-road very remarkable and the technological equipment of the Nissan range (such as a shield of protection, smart) but with the lower starting price of all (with a lot of difference); by his great set and price/quality ratio, has a well-deserved victory.

Best pick up 2016

  1. Nissan Navara
  2. Toyota Hilux
  3. Volkswagen Amarok


The Toyota Hilux remains in second position

In the second position, and following close to the Nissan is the Toyota Hilux. The other japanese model in the segment, with a maximum load capacity of 1,000 Kg, win the heart of the jury for the wide configuration of body with single cabin, cab, extra or double cab, adapting to the configurations of loading machine such as versatility and capability of occupants.

The third and final place on the podium is completed by the Volkswagen Amarok. despite your ABS Off-Road that is unique in the segment and the high level of equipment, both technological and quality interior and exterior, as well as equality in their load capacity and drag (up to 1.000 Kg and 3,500 Kg respectively), its configuration as a work vehicle “pure and hard” has been diminished in front of the second classified confining him inside to the third but not underrated position.


The podium is completed by the Volkswagen Amarok

¿Of which three to Pick-Up we will be talking about next year?