Best sedan 2015 Skoda Superb

With the emergence of the first modern SUVS to the beginning of the century, the segment of sedans has seen its domestic market share dropped to 0.6% today. However brands are still considering these models is extremely important. 13 have been units made or renewed this year, and it is time to determine which of them deserves the title of best saloon in the 2015.

Best saloon 2015

  1. Skoda Superb
  2. Audi A4
  3. Jaguar XE

sedans are always a good bet for families. Its wide range of brands, models, sizes and prices, there is a model for each requirement. Among all of them, and given these reasons, it is not surprising that the winner of the best sedan 2015 the Skoda Superb.

The Skoda Superb has always been different to the rest. With the premise of intelligent design, Skoda has always done to your vehicle are larger, one of the most attractive in the segment for its price/quality ratio. The new generation impresses by a great number of qualities, design, technology, space, performance, and price. A very difficult rival for the rest of the competitors, whether it is premium or a generalist.

In the case of the Audi A4, we are in the fifth generation, called B9. Fresh out of the oven, the A4 is without doubt one of the references of the premium segment. The improvements have made it a safe bet. As technological as spacious, as sober as fun, the A4 does not disappoint and well deserves this position in the ranking


it Is time to forget about the interiors austere Skoda. The Superb is not

After many years of absence in the segment of sedans stockings, 2015 has been the year of the return to Jaguar. In accordance with the designation language of its sibling, the Jaguar XE aims to fight against their German rivals, with their weapons, typical, refinement, quality, design and performance. A happy return and a great third place.

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