Best sedan of representation 2016 for Porsche Panamera


A large premium saloon not only has to offer high dose of quality, luxury and comfort but also has to comply with an abstract concept and intangible as the power of attorney. A characteristic that is fundamental to enjoy a certain exclusivity, enjoy the highest levels of luxury without neglecting a touch of distinguished.

In we have taken into account all the models of this category which are on sale in the Spanish market and these are the best:

Best saloon of representation 2016

  1. Porsche Panamera
  2. Volvo S90
  3. BMW Series 7

The second generation of the Porsche Panamera is for the Engine is the best vehicle of representation because it not only meets all of these features but in addition sum a few dynamic qualities without rival. Currently, he is the sedan faster at the legendary circuit of Nürburgring.

sportsmanship is the hallmark of the home of Stuttgart and it’s clear in this saloon that shows a wide range of aerosol propellants gasoline and diesel of six or eight cylinders in V that comes up to 550 HP the Panamera Turbo, which can chew through the barrier of 300 km/h. In addition it also has its side-efficient hybrid variant plug-in Panamera 4 E-Hybrid.

His image is unmistakable, with a stylized silhouette and sport that leaves no one indifferent. The cabin allows you to countless customization options, always supported by the materials plus exquisite to create a luxurious atmosphere. The full range of the Panamera 2017 is complete with one bodywork version of battle extended (called the Panamera Exclusive), providing a level of livability that is unprecedented in the German brand.

The technology is clearer than ever in this model with a new system mutimedia Porsche Connect with a screen of 12.3 inches is a huge leap in terms of information systems and on-board entertainment and opens new avenues of connectivity to the Porsche. Added to this is a box of tools with two screens of 7.3 inches fully configurable. The latest innovations also are discovered in the new PDK (perhaps the best on the market), the conduction system of semi-autonomous InnoDrive or a new system of electronic management of chassis 4D Chassis Control, among many other elements.

The second position, and very close to the first post, we’ve picked the Volvo S90. With this model, the Swedish brand is reaffirmed as a manufacturer of premium quality that has nothing to envy to the traditional rulers of this segment from Germany. In the test of this vehicle are exquisite to us, we were hooked on their refined interior with a minimalist design and by the embracing security measures as mandated by the reputation of this manufacturer.


The Volvo S90 is satisfied with the second position

In the third place has been the BMW 7 Series. The flagship of the brand of Munich was our winner in 2015 but this segment is highly competitive, the glory is short-lived. Anyway, although the new rivals come stomping the 7-Series remains one of the best in this category for their refinement and technology and also add new and interesting versions as the first variant signed by BMW M (the M760Li xDrive) and a mechanical hybrid plug-in (the 740e iPerformance).