Best sports 2016 for BMW M2


when choosing the best sports market opens before us a range of models is very broad, because it is not limited to a particular segment but fits any model with a dynamic performance, superlative. You have to be quick, yes, but it also has to be fun to drive. In addition, a sport also has to accelerate the pulse so that the design plays a prominent role.

the choice of The best sports of the year for has been the following:

Best sports 2016

  1. BMW M2
  2. Porsche 911
  3. Nissan GT-R

In the Engine is we have declared to the BMW M2 as the best sports of the year 2016, nearly unanimously. The German made his debut as a member of the family BMW M and what makes it great because there are many who have regarded as a the best M of the moment, the most desirable, an honorary title that already speaks of its qualities.

is Not surprising because be the smallest of the sporting offer of the German brand not complex. On the contrary, the M2 shares many elements with the M4, which combined with their compact size and a flawless gasoline engine 6-cylinder in-line BMW M TwinPower Turbo 370 HP form an explosive cocktail.

The Series 2 is the most radical, show in addition that a high performance is that can destroy the timer in any circuit are not at odds with the refinement and the comfort for the day-to-day, as well as a picture of the aggressive can be combined with elegance and even a certain discretion. We recognize that, the BMW M2 has us in love.

The Porsche 911 could not miss in this ranking, and occupies the second step of the podium. The experience is a degree, and the five decades of journey that has the legendary coupe German are noticeable, especially in this last generation with a sublime efficiency dynamics and unmatched versatility. Provides a more comprehensive range than ever before, with versions to suit all tastes, and all of them offer an unforgettable experience of driving. Long life to nueveonce.

Another icon car is in the third place, it is the Nissan GT-R whose review of 2017 has impressed us. Although the cosmetic changes on the outside are mild, the jump of quality interior has been very remarkable, but the best thing is its performance: it is as brutal as always but in this last update gets more power and torque, an improved transmission, it has strengthened the chassis and the exhaust system is lighter. The result, an unforgiving sport with V6 engine twin turbo 570 CV that shows a poise and effectiveness to be outstanding. The legend of Godzilla is bigger.