Best suv 2015 for Opel Corsa

Another year comes to a close. The 365 days of 2015 are soon exhausted, and it is time to look back and discover what have been the best cars in their respective segments. As is usual in is we have done our own polling with new models, manufactured between January 1 and December 31 of this year.

There are 10 categories: Subcompact, compact, sedan, luxury sedan, coupe, convertible, supercar, SUV, minivan, and a vehicle for alternative propulsion. Each section has three finalists and a single winner that we will unveil over these days. Of course between all of them there will be a maximum voted to be named as the best car of the year for

Best suv 2015

The smallest segment of the market has had a year of particularly rough. Have been presented new and have been renovated large models. Representing 20.4% of market share, the field of utility is of vital importance to brands, hence the bet generalized for his conquest.

  1. Opel Corsa
  2. Mazda2
  3. Fiat 500


rivals has not been as easy, but it is the deserved winner

among all the possible candidates, the drafting team has considered the winner of the best suv of the year 2015 is the Opel Corsa. We are in the fifth generation of the small German. A generation that collects the witness of all the above to remain one of the references of the market. Congratulations, Opel.

With the design KODO under the arm, the Mazda2 has been presented as the alternative to the european brands. Its small size presents ideal for the city. The same thing that its functionality and behavior. Small but sturdy, discreet but elegant, quiet but efficient. A second price that is very well deserved.

A myth with words uppercase. It was in 2007 when the Fiat 500 came back to life, and many took the hands to the head. However in these years has made it clear that the bet was more than correct. In this 2015 has seen a slight restyling. Small tweaks here and there that will continue to make the 500 a model as beloved as respected.