Better not throw a Honda Jazz Type R, would do harm to the view

One of the names most well-known among the sport versions of cars, the “normal” is Type R. The model who has worn our country has been the Civic, the Honda Civic Type R, but there are more products of Honda as the Accord, which also have been ported to this termination. For the fans of the brand, the Type R is the highest; but her eye, the same does not fit with any product of Honda.

The designer X-Tomi Design has taken the aesthetics of the new Honda Jazz, presented just a few days ago, and has designed a fictitious Honda Jazz Type R. The urban japanese do not house too with the usual european tastes, as the silhouette of your body and the forms of its design is a bit risky for that here we are used to; yes, in practicality and livability win the vast majority of its rivals in europe.

If the commercial versions do not like too much in Europe, I’m very much afraid that this is a render that has been taken out of the sleeve X-Tomi Design it would not be too much grace in the Old Continent. The imaginary Honda Jazz Type R offers the main lines of the new model and adds the additives aesthetic (and functional) that always accompany the Type R.

We found a body quite aggressive. In the front appears a bumper with a pronounced lower lip, a defense more acute, and a calender in which appears the inscription Type R next to the logo of the brand.

On the side there are some tires of similar design to the current Honda Civic Type R, finished in black with a red line on the edge, gills, fins, aggressive side skirts and a marked wheel arches. What little we can see of the rear shows us a prominent spoiler top and added at the bottom of the bumper.

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