Between shadows, this is the first preview of the upcoming Subaru Impreza sedan

Subaru has prepared a new surprise for the imminent Salon Los Angeles and so, after presenting to us in the past Hall of Tokyo to a new Subaru Impreza with the body compact, it is the turn now to the Subaru Impreza with sedan body, both with the label of conceptual model yes, but apparently fairly close to what we would expect of their respective production versions.

Subaru has reserved the details of its mechanics, as has also reserved the images of the interior of this new generation of the Impreza.

For now, Subaru has presented a first step in which, among shadows we can go intuiting already the silhouette of this new Subaru Impreza sedan at the time that we distinguish some of its features.

Your look, with these lenses in C, the nerve side that we had already seen in the compact and a behind that seems to be finished off with a lump aerodynamics well integrated in the line of the trunk.

Since then this sedan version seems to have better appearance than the alternative with the body compact, but we will have to wait for the next few days, to their debut on the occasion of Hall of Los Angeles, to discover it fully and know him better.

By now it is also a question that we find under the hood of this new generation of models of Subaru. Nor have we been able to see any image of the cabin of the new Impreza.